managed solutions: tweet your own

TwitJobSearch Tweet Your Own Solution:

maintain complete control, attract quality candidates, enhance your brand and SEO, and boost traffic to your site

Who is this for:

Companies looking for a simple multi-post solution for their job offers.

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What you get:

  • Your own Twitter account:

    Tweet jobs using your own branded twitter account.
  • Your Brand:

    Your company logo will appear beside each job on TwitJobSearch, beside each tweet on Twitter's search and on your twitter profile page.
  • Featured Company (optional):

    A custom made featured company button will be placed on the TwitJobSearch homepage for 1 week, using the logo of your choosing, and when pressed, will display all of your jobs. example
  • Tweets:

    Jobs will be tweeted via your twitter account and be automatically indexed to the TwitJobSearch search results.
  • Recency:

    Job tweets indexed for 14 days.
  • Featured Twitter Account:

    Have your Twitter account featured in our Global Twitter Account Directory. example
  • Simple SEO:

    Site and distribution partners bring strong SEO benefits. example
  • Control Application Process:

    TwitJobSearch can host the job specification and application data or simply forward the applicants to your site.
  • Job Tweet Best Practices:

    Use our simple build-the-perfect-job-tweet tool to add hashtags, create tiny URLs, and add meta-data (location, salary info, skills, etc.) example

Price :

Unlimited jobs: for 30 days
£450 / $675
for 90 days
£1,150 / $1,725

Contact :

send us an e-mail
give us a call at
+44 (0) 845 299 7440


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